Service Policies

Special Service Announcement

Since 1983 we have tried our best to service the public as best as we are able no matter what brand of machine that rolled through our doors. We have experienced over the last few years that for various reasons “servicing all brands policy” does not always benefit all our customers. Increasingly, there are more manufacturers and varieties of equipment available in stores and on line. There are so many brands that we can’t keep up and still provide the support you deserve. As a loyal customer we want you aware that we will begin limiting the brands of equipment that we service to those which we sell or have sold in the past. The brands we know best to insure the proper support to you when you need it. All of us sincerely hope that we can continue to do business in the future and regret any inconvenience that this change may cause. You can rest assured that we will continue to provide manufacturer warranty and long-term service support for all products which we sell.

Service Policies

You have invested in a quality machine that should last for years of use to cut your lawn, trim your shrubs or plow the lower 40! We at Mustang Equipment feel privileged that you have chosen us to keep your machine running and ready to go when you need it.

When you call to schedule your service appointment our job begins. We will schedule one of our drivers to pick up your equipment. Our Service Writers will ask you a few questions about your machine. This will give our technicians insight into the difficulties that you may be experiencing or just the services that you would like to have us perform on the unit. Once the machine comes into our facility we determine the level of service required and assign the right technician best trained to perform these services.

The service maintenance and repair work that comes through our doors is as various as the machines themselves. Our challenge is the efficient and equitable repair of your equipment, getting it back in your shop, your barn or garage when you need it next. In an effort to expedite the job we ask for pre-approval to replace common wear parts like belts, blades and batteries.

Our technicians will take the time necessary to check over your machine and pinpoint potential problems before they happen. We will bring these issues to your attention for your consideration

Minimum Estimate or Diagnostic Fee

There is a diagnostic fee of $42.50 - $100 for all equipment in addition to transportation fees. The inspection fee ($42.50 - $100) excludes Tractors and Construction equipment. Labor rate is $85 - $100.

Many of the Work Orders that we see involve equipment that may not work properly. We hope you understand that we must charge a $42.50 - $100 inspection fee for each piece of equipment that we evaluate. This fee covers the administrative costs and the technician's salary. The inspection is as labor intensive as any other repair in the shop, requiring the same level of expertise as the repair itself. The fee is credited toward the repair cost if the quotation is approved. The diagnosis process often includes the disassembly of machine components such as the engine or transmission to determine the extent of the damage or wear. Should disassembly be required there may be additional labor charges to reassemble the machine or component if the repair estimate is declined.

The inspection fee ($42.50 - $100) is intended to offer a basic evaluation of the unit in which we allot 30 minutes labor time. If you require an itemized quotation and or the reassembly of a disassembled product additional labor time would apply at our posted shop labor rate of $89.99 per hour. In addition, if equipment is picked up by one of our delivery vehicles there will also be due applicable pickup and delivery charges. Disposal fees may also apply. 

It is important to us that you clearly understand these charges and are happy to discuss them with you at any time.