Choosing the Right John Deere Mower

Choosing the Right John Deere Mower

Zero Turn Mowers VS Riding Mowers

Finding the right mower perfect for the job is made easy with Mustang Equipment. Not only are our John Deere zero turn mowers and lawn tractors affordable, but they're persistent. Both types of mowers produce exceptional work, but how they get to those results vary. Some characteristics to consider when choosing a zero turn or a lawn tractor include mowing patterns, machine controls, deck size, speed and efficiency, additional attachments, yard type (ex: acre amount, slope degrees, obstacles) and more.

While zero turn mowers can maneuver tightly, lawn tractors can withstand steep slopes easier. Our professionals at Mustang Equipment can help you pick out the mower perfect for you.

Mustang's Recommended Mowers:
The Z525 ZTrak Zero Turn VS the X330 Lawn Tractor

Z525EResidential ZTrak™ Mower with 48- or 54-in. Deck

• 8.5-mph ground speed for faster mowing time
• 2-year/120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty
• Serviceability is designed for convenience
• Full featured engine is more reliable and last longer
• Operator station is designed for comfort and convenience
• The 48-in or 54-in Accel Deep mower deck cuts clean and versatile
• Engine is smooth and powerful 24-hp V-twin design
• Great for yards with obstacles trees, picnic tables, swing sets

X330Lawn Tractor with 42-inch Deck

• Powered by 20 hp (14.9 kW)* Cyclonic engine
• 42-in. Accel Deep™ Mower Deck
• Upgraded instrument panel
• Best-in-class 4 year/300 hour limited warranty
• Frame is reliable heavy-duty weld steel
• Modern styling with functional design enhances appearance & performance
• 42-in Accel deep mower deck cuts clean and versatile
• Steering is low-effort 17-in steering radius
• Exact adjust ports and on board deck leveling tools make precise deck adjustments
• Many towable attachments and accessories

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